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Missing a piece of the puzzle?

We have it!

P2C Engineering is a provider of project services both from a design and an investigative process to the commercial and residential, energy, infrastructure and industrial sectors across Australia and the South Pacific. The business is not limited to local work and will complement international projects when specialised skill sets are suited to clients requirements.

We deliver considered bespoke solutions designed to meet our client needs. Skill diversity and true practical constructability is the key to offering successful outcomes. 

It is our tenacity coupled with persistence to a practical approach also our commitment to service excellence that makes us strive to be one of Australia’s most sort after solutions service provider of project services in our field.


P2C Engineering offers specialised quality engineering consulting and design capabilities. Our expert team includes highly-qualified and accredited licensed professionals, with the expertise required to effect continuous business and operational improvement. As specialised engineers, P2C has multiplicity in our approach utilizing skills used from client-side engagements to construction and subcontractor management.  
Our significant years of services are not only based on theoretical design practices with strong pragmatic engineering, but our staff possesses real trade experience and quantitative engineering experience. This is achieved when you place trade bases skill and constructional engineering in the one house contacts and a solid reputation within multiple markets. 


“Let us help achieving your outcome” 

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