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P2C Engineering is the creation of a group of progressive engineers who have witnessed that there is a deficiency in the industries in which we engage in. Technologies, lifestyles and expectations forcing a change in the construction industry. P2C decided to focus our skill sets to a new vision, the vision of applying trade bases construct-ability to the traditional model of the consultancy fraternity. 
The business foundations are based on entrepreneurial business executives with a very strong track record of more than 50 years of experience,  growth and technical profitability. We have a broad network of local and international contacts and a solid reputation within multiple markets.
We are pioneering the evolution of applying practical outcomes to the proven theoretical engineering. 
Our team members originate from both trade, then consultants,  client-side designers and constructors with a building focus, both vertically and horizontally. This experience which provides a cost-beneficial project return on investment outcomes. The services are primarily bias to the electrical and communications disciplines, however, we have a depth of experience in all disciplines. 
“They are only issues, until we find solutions” 
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